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Teaching and Research Office of Mathematics
2013-12-30 14:40  

Adhering to scientific and sustainable development, the Mathematics Teaching and Research Section has a group of faculties with high academic levels and strong scientific research abilities in the aspect of degree, title and reasonable age structure. The department has a total of 27 teachers, both part-time and full-time; according to their titles, there are 5 professors, 14 associate professors and 8 lecturers; then in terms of degrees, there are 5 teachers with a doctorate Degree, 2 Ph. D candidates, and 8 with Masters Degrees.

The central task of the Mathematics Teaching and Research Section offers some basic mathematical courses for the relevant professional courses in the college. The current courses include “Economic Mathematics”, “Higher Mathematics”, “Mathematical Analysis”, “Higher Algebra”, “Analytic Geometry”, “Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics”, “Stochastic Process”, “Ordinary Differential Equations” and “Mathematical Modeling and Experiment”. The course “Economic Mathematics” is regarded as one of the most excellent courses on the college level. Teachers of the Mathematics Teaching and Research Section attach great importance to the training of practical ability in students’ mathematical knowledge and related mathematical softwares, as well as the systematic teaching of the basic theory. We have set up a “Mathematical Modeling Research Group”, which is responsible for the teaching of the course “mathematical modeling and experiment”, to train the students with a good maths foundation for the National College Students’ Mathematical Modeling Contest on behalf of the College of Arts and Sciences, SICNU.

In order to further promote the reform of teaching, the Mathematics Teaching and Research Section has cooperated with the Department of Economy to established Mathematics Experimental Classes for the innovative talents of Mathematic-Economic management, aiming to cultivate the innovative inter-disciplinary talents with the knowledge of mathematics and economics, who are able to skillfully use mathematical tools to analyze and process the economic problems. In addition, the Mathematics Teaching and Research Section holds training classes for the post-graduate entrance examination, mathematics competitions and various mathematics lectures at intervals to meet the needs of some students who would like to pursue further mathematical knowledge.

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