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As an independent institute approved by the Ministry of Education in 2004, the College of Arts and Sciences (SAC), SICNU was originally merged from the former School of Culture and Communication, SICNU and the former School of International Business, SICNU, both of which were established in 1999. The college has two campuses; one is the Honghe Campus located in the No. 351, Mid-road of Honghe, East of Honghe Town, Longquan District, and the other is Jintang Campus established in 2011 and located in the No. 9, Xuefu Road, Jintang County. The SAC, SICNU has the modern campus much like a garden with graceful environments and all kinds of facilities needed, sinking in the fragrance of ink in books and flowers in the garden.


The SAC, SICNU follows the school motto of “to understand the truth with broad knowledge and adhere to practice with strong mind”, aiming “to build a student- satisfying school and to cultivate the social-satisfying students”; and holding the educational philosophy of “Arts for Virtue, Sciences for Truth, Diversity through Understanding Unity in Diversity, Progress in Development”; The college persists the educational standards of “whether it is conductive to the all-round development of students, whether it is beneficial to the development of students' personalities, and whether it is conducive to the sustainable development of the students”. We take Mr. Tao Xingzhi’s dictum as the faculties’ standard of behavior, i,e, “ the faculties have to do what the students are required to do, to learn what the students are asked to learn, and to keep the rules the students are demanded to obey”. In its long history of exploring and practicing educationCollege of Arts and Science, SICNU has formed a unique education teaching idea. Moreover, it has established seven innovative mechanisms which are the autonomous management mechanism, the meritocratic employment mechanism, the student-based evaluation mechanism, the top-down service mechanism, support-before-regulation mechanism, the mechanism of lifelong learning for teachers, and the continuous joint development and share mechanism.


College of Arts and Science, SICNU boasts a qualified faculty, including numerous scholars, experts and dual-qualification teachers. There are near 50% teachers having senior titles, more than 70% having doctor’s and master’s degrees. Meanwhile, College has some provincial-level excellent teachers and outstanding teaching teams. In recent three years, college has undertaken 70 all kinds of subjects from Ministry of Education, and published 39 monographs, translations and textbooks, 402 academic papers, 119 art works of painting and filming. College was rewarded 23 all kinds of scientific research results rewarded by provincial government and Ministry of Education. Moreover, 33 provincial quality engineering projects in education were commanded by our college.


As the needs of talent in Sichuan province and economic development in western region, college tries to cultivate high-quality talents from (with) humanistic, scientific and professional quality. Our college forms a comprehensive range of disciplines covering liberal arts, science, economy, management, law, art, engineering and education. Additionally, it has gained some achievements in the trial of “cross–border cooperation” talent cultivation mode. The school has built up long-term partnership with both domestic and international enterprises, including 12 global Top-500 enterprises, such as CISCO SYSTEMS, Wipro, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, COFCO and China Mobile Communications. Agreements of profound college-enterprise strategic cooperation have also been signed up. Educational partnership, for example, has been built with culture and media companies, including CCTV and Emei Film Group, to explore the educational mode for talents in media and art. A few training bases have been constructed with The Star Poetry Monthly, Sichuan People’s Art Theater, Sichuan Writers’ Association, Sichuan Artists’ Association, Sichuan Calligraphers’ Association, CISCO SYSTEMS, COCA-COLA, PWC, Sichuan Bureau of Intellectual Property, Garden Hotel, etc. The bases have boosted the development of a few education models for professional talents, including “College-local institute Cooperation”, “College-enterprise Cooperation” and “college supports enterprises”.


Focusing on the development of students, the college has implemented education for all-around development, which is based on the ideological construction. We should “unit the young students with the power from the Party”, with its core political status and supervisal function. In 2012, our research on Party Construction was awarded Second Prize by Ministry of Education. The College Party Committee has won prizes including Advanced Primary Party Organization for Higher Education in Sichuan and Advanced Sichuan Higher Educational Group for Students’ Ideological and Political Education. The Party secretary of CAS was awarded the name of “Provincial Outstanding Communist”. To build an excellent campus culture, 104 student clubs have been established, concentrating on building the culture in science and technology, clubs, aesthetics, art and literature, media, campus life and ecological culture in the university, etc. To realize quality education and enhance curriculum construction, a series of textbooks have been compiled, such as The General Theory of Science and Technology, Introduction to the Chinese and Western Culture, The Professional Quality and Life Plan of College Students, Selected Reading from Classic. Among them, The General Theory of Science and Technology and Introduction to the Chinese and Western Culture have been listed as the 12th Five -Year National Programmed Textbooks.


Both the enrollment and employment of students are in a good shape. The threshold scores ranks among the top three of independent colleges in Sichuan province. The graduate employment rate remains over 95%, which won the college the title of “Advanced Unit for Employment Work” for several times.


At present, the college is in high spirits to strive for a distinctive modern comprehensive university which can satisfy students, parents and the society.



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